Raw Webb

Rashee L. Webb Sr., known professionally as Raw Webb, is a rap artist and producer from New Brunswick, New Jersey. As the youngest of 6 siblings, he was heavily influenced by the musical house parties his older brothers threw. The importance of the disc jockeys in these neighborhood parties inspired Webb to pursue DJing. Webb DJ'ed for over 15 years, mostly at  college and house parties in the tri-state area. After witnessing firsthand the shift from lyricism towards commercialism within hip hop, Webb transitioned into songwriting, producing, and rapping. This realization, coupled with the end of his sports career due to a car accident caused Webb to turn his focus to music.

In summer 2015, Webb was on tour with No Limit Forever. He also featured on a song titled “I Brought A Tank” with Krazy from 504Boyz.

Raw Webb released his first EP in July 2016 titled Toma, which is the spanish word for 'taking.'

Check out the  EP Toma below! The project is on all digital retailer websites: iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal.
Also, be sure to check out Raw Webb's new visual for "B-Boy Stance."

Harlem Rose

Jerome Griffin II, professionally known as Harlem Rose is a hip hop and reggae producer from Stone Mountain, GA currently living in New Brunswick, NJ.
He was influenced by music at a young age as his father and uncle created the legendary group Come Alive 5. His father was a DJ and dancer while his uncle was an emcee. The duo worked with many top New Jersey artists such as Naughty By Nature, Heavy D, and Queen Latifah.
Although music was very prominent in Rose's life, it wasn't his first passion. Rose was a top-recruited basketball player in Georgia until ultimately tearing his ACL, which ended his basketball career.
He then moved back to New Jersey and met DJ, rapper, and artist Raw Webb in 2013 thru his mentor Rastaman Ujimma Parris. Raw Webb had just come back from a tour with Master P and No Limit when Rose met him and played some of his own beats at the studio. This was the beginning of Raw Roses. The duo have an EP coming out summer 2018 called Blue Collar Amerika on all social platforms.
Rose has also worked with Alex Marley, Heartafiya, SieleSoTrue, and Krazy of 504Boyz.